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A blend of Aquavit, Manzanilla Sherry, Cynar artichoke , and peach bitters. Bottled and aged for at least six weeks.

The Trident is also available as a 50ml miniature here.

Allergen: none
Vegan: no

Extremely dry, and very , the Trident is an alternative take on a Negroni. Instead of gin, this has the Scandinavian spirit Aqvavit, in place of vermouth, this has a delicate Manzanilla sherry, and instead of Campari, this has a very distinctive Cynar, an made of artichoke. The drink is tweaked with peach bitters, and results in a journey of a drink with a very different nose and tail. Try it.

Pour over ice in a rocks glass and stir until freezing. Add a slice of lime.

History and Reviews of the Myatt's Fields Trident

This variant on the Negroni was invented by American cocktail genius Robert Hess.

This drink is not for everyone. A strong sherry nose sneaks in the bittersweet artichoke flavour, all underpinned by the fierceness of aquavit. For those of us that like these flavours, this is a thing of beauty and close to the perfect drink.

Legend says that the Trident name came from the three ingredients all coming from countries.


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