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Espresso Martini


A blend of vodka, coffee liqueur, and espresso.

Smooth and velvety, this espresso martini can induce a dream state at any time of day. The espresso sits at the front of the drink and combines with the vodka to alert every sense and delight while its doing it.

Pour it into a shaker full of ice, and shake it hard for about twenty seconds. Strain into a cocktail glass, and you will have a beautifully balanced drink with an attractive and substantial crema.

The Espresso Martini is also available as a 50ml miniature here.

Allergen: caffeine
Vegan: Yes

History and Reviews of the Myatt's Fields Espresso Martini

This drink was originally called the Vodka Espresso, and that is a much better name. We would love to call the Myatt’s Fields version a Vodka Espresso, but most people would justifiably not know what we were talking about. It was invented by Dick Bradsell, the gifted London bartender who tragically died in 2016 at an extremely young age of 56.

It's a Vodka Red Bull for people that don’t like Red Bull. The coffee taste is powerful and masks the vodka. It is an easy and fun cocktail – to drink, at least.

It’s been a battle, this drink. We started with the concepts that:

  • Most espresso martinis are much too sweet, and we didn’t want to continue that tradition
  • That we wanted a version that could just be poured into a shaker and poured out again, producing a perfect drink
  • That the was the point of the whole drink, so it needed to be thick and tasty

    All of these are major challenges. If you are in a bar and order one of these, the bartender will be using hot espresso and a shot of sugar syrup, which makes producing a head pretty straightforward. With bottling and shelf life to think about, we don’t have that option.

    We tried our best with cold brew coffee, because the flavour is lovely, but it just doesn’t stand up, for a reason we don’t yet understand. We are working on the hydraulic cold brew press, but it is not available yet. 

    This drink is now in our portfolio having slaved over multiple recipes and techniques for production. It is our best seller, and gets rave reviews. My favourite, from Jo Dip, is that this drink is the perfect breakfast on a work day. 

    You will need a cocktail shaker and plenty of ice. Pour in the drink, and shake it hard, like you really mean it, for about twenty seconds. Pour it through any strainer to keep the ice out of your drink, and you will have a beautifully balanced drink with an attractive and substantial . Don't double strain or you will probably screw the head up.

    Garnish with three coffee beans – the con la , which is the traditional Italian way to serve sambuca – the three beans ‘with the fly’ represent health, wealth, and happiness. Whether guaranteed or not, starting with a nice drink makes complete sense.

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