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Mon-Sat, 10am - 7pm

Fortnum & Mason

Founded as a delicatessen in 1707, Fortnum's reputation was built on supplying quality food, and saw rapid growth throughout the Victorian era. Though Fortnum's developed into a department store, it continues to focus on stocking a variety of exotic, speciality and also basic provisions.

In 2018, for the first time, Fortnum & Mason put bottled cocktails on the shelf in their wonderful drinks section on the Lower Ground Floor. To our delight, having reviewed the entire market and had many tastings, they selected Myatt's Fields Cocktails to be their partner.

Today, we sit proudly on the shelf at Fortnum's. We still do regular tasting sessions at the Piccadilly store. Hopefully we will see you at one soon!

We take great pride in all of our partnerships, and we work with wonderful retailers up and down the country.