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Desert Negroni


A blend of tequila, sweet vermouth, and Campari. Bottled and aged for at least six weeks.

Straight from the wilds of Joshua Tree, where they don't drink gin I'm told (there is a story about this for another time) comes the Desert Negroni.

Yes, you can make a lot of fantastic drinks out of tequila mixed with fresh citrus. Yes, it is a wonderful sipping drink.

However, check out how smoky a Negroni you can make when you replace the gin with a full throttle tequila and leave it to age for six weeks. This drink has to be tried.

Pour over ice in a rocks glass and stir until freezing. Keep the ice, this is the desert. Add a slice of lime.

The Desert Negroni is also available as a 50ml miniature here.

Allergen: sulphur dioxide and sulphites
Vegan: No

Desert Negroni

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